Swing Set

“You and I:  we aspired to higher things.  That’s all lost now.  For a whole generation, it’s been lost.  We can change that.  And it all starts with a playground.”




3 m or f

Available for production

About the play:

Leslie wants the township council to build a playground for their economically depressed American town, and two new friends offer to help:  a lawyer for the council who has recently moved back from the city; and the entrepreneurial owner of a local wine shop with big plans.  Which will Leslie choose and whom can Leslie trust, after lies are exposed, and the friends reveal their true natures?

(N.B.  The play is an allegory, an attempt to account for the outcome of the 2016 election.)

Note: The characters can be played by male or female actors, in any combination.

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Direct all inquiries about performance rights to the playwright.

Poster by Adam Riggar