A Puppeteer with the Palsy Performs Scenes from Shakespeare

“If I could channel the breath of life through my body, if I could sluice the spirits of passion through my veins, so that every breath I drew could tremble with the stirrings of real life, I could be another Garrick.”


1m, 1m or f

available for production

About the Play:

Instead of his usual performance of his favorite scenes from Shakespeare, the master puppeteer, along with his troupe of inanimate thespians, shows us why and how he became a puppeteer. Then, for this night only, he puts on a performance unlike any he has given before.



Schematic sketches of the Puppeteer, aided by the unexplained Assistant Puppeteer, whose whose left hand emerges in place of the Puppeteer’s through the Puppeteer’s shirt cuff.

puppet sketches
puppet sketches 1
puppet sketches 2
puppet sketches 3

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Direct all inquiries about performance rights to the playwright.

Poster by Adam Riggar