Dear Birthmother Letter

“I know that there’s something I don’t know.  Something really important.  I don’t know who I am.  Not completely.  Not just the medical history.  Something more … more essential. There’s no one who knows all the strands of the story.  There are gaps—holes—in  the story. Missing chapters in the novel. Missing scenes in the play.”


3m, 4f

Available for development or production


About the play:

Ilana, who came to her family by adoption, receives a letter from Stan, who believes that he might be her biological father.  Meanwhile Leigh, a journalist, is seized with the conviction that her husband Harris is a serial sexual harrasser at his corporate workplace.  As they learn what can be learned of the truth of their relationships present and past, they each  discover how they deal with loss, what they are willing to risk for love, and whether or not they can live with the continuing gaps in their life stories.

Inspired by Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale.

Finalist, inaugural year, “Shakespeare’s New Contemporaries” competition, 2018, American Shakespeare Center.

Finalist, Judith Royer Award of Excellence in Playwriting, Association for Theatre in Higher Education, 2019.


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