Got Your Back

“How can we possibly make theatre about Trump? People who agree with us don’t need a production of Julius Caesar to tell them that Trump is a threat to our entire democratic system. And people who don’t agree with us would think we’re advocating assassination.”

Got Your Back


1m, 3f, and 1m or f.

available for development.

About the Play:

Judith, the artistic director of a regional Shakespeare festival, is shocked when she hears that corporate funders have withdrawn their financial support for the New York Shakespeare Festival’s production of Julius Caesar because of the director’s decision to depict the title character as Donald Trump.  Then she learns that local corporations have decided not to fund her production of the same play.   As she is about to go into rehearsal, she begins to have doubts about the play, about the viability of political theatre, and about the effusive support offered by the chair of the board of directors, the managing director, and the company’s dramaturg, her long-time artistic collaborator.

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Poster by Jordan Semprevivo