Seven Lectures on Hamlet

“What I read in Shakespeare’s Hamlet, with the help of Theory, is Shakespeare’s, and Hamlet’s, fundamental humanity. What I see in the play, and what I see in the character of Hamlet, reflected back at me as in a mirror, is my own humanity. If you know Hamlet, you know me”


1f actor of color

available for production

About the Play:

While her country is emerging from colonialism, a young graduate student travels to Europe to study Shakespeare. After she returns to her homeland to become a professor, she discovers that the stakes are higher in the real world than in any of the literary theories she likes to lecture about.


The play is designed to work equally well for any non-white female actor.  The race and ethnicity of the actor will shape the audience’s perception of the specific history and politics of the fictional post-colonial country in which the play is set.


  • Drake Theatre, Philadelphia, May, 2017.

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